“As a person that is here to fight for the constituents of Miami.  I know I can’t do this alone. President Trump won the election through hard work and perseverance but he also needed help from the american people.  Today I’m asking you to help me defeat those who want to take what you earn forcibly.”


Our rights as Americans to speak our minds and secure a fair trial are under attack. Censorship online is one of the greatest threats to our First Amendment and elections that we have ever faced. It must be our priority to demand the digital public square (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube), abide by our founding documents. Political persecutions of individuals who dare to defy the political establishment must be addressed and stopped.


We must revoke legislation and policies within our nations law enforcement that prioritize victimless crimes over actual criminal activity and violent crimes. From small level charges related to drug possession to politically motivated show trials, our criminal justice system needs a major overhaul and re-calibration in order to provide law enforcement officials with clear guidelines on what they should or should not be focusing on.


Those who serve this nation have been left ignored and de-prioritized by political hi-jinks and bureaucracy. By ignoring our warriors when they return home, we ignore the very people who provide us with the luxuries of being able to thrive in America. We need to prioritize their healthcare needs, from rehabilitation to mental health. They deserve the best and nothing short of it.


Legislative violations of our 2nd Amendment must be rooted out of our nation’s laws once and for all. There is no room for compromise when it comes to the right of the American people to protect their families against criminals and unwell individuals who may seek to harm them. The 2nd Amendment exists for many reasons and is non-negotiable.


For years, the education system in America has relied far too much on the idea that every high school graduate must go to college in order to succeed. The importance of tradework and vocation schools has been minimized, while our students know how to do complex math equations but not how to balance a checkbook or build a business or understand how our tax system works. We need to get back to the basics and give our students a chance to determine their own future.


The United States tax code is among the most complicated IN THE WORLD. There is no reason why it should amount to tens of thousands of pages with complicated wording and confusing requirements. Our tax code should be reduced drastically and what it takes to fill out your taxes each year needs to be whittled down to a few simple steps and pages.


Empowering the entrepreneurs and innovators of America is the key to solving the energy crisis we currently face. It is not only an issue of protecting what God granted us, but also a leading issue of national security. We can no longer rely solely on a source of energy like fossil fuels, when that energy source is controlled primarily by nations and people who wish to destroy the United States of America. Let’s utilize any and all options to power our nation, from nuclear to hydroelectric. With innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit, anything is possible.


Politically motivated groups like Antifa have created a new form of Domestic Terrorism within our borders. Resembling hit-squads and intimidation brigades reminiscent of third world countries, they must be officially labeled as Domestic Terrorists and dismantled immediately. Likewise, the violent gangs terrorizing our inner cities and urban corridors pose their own unique threat, a form of social and cultural terrorism that we have not been able to stop. Law enforcement must be equipped to handle these threats, just as we would terrorist elements in a foreign land.

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